We wanted to provide tiny homes and cabins for people to rent for 1-7 days for vacations, or as a place to stay along their road trip. We will be putting these locations on Airbnb but we also wanted to promote the Centric Swap (CNS) cryptocurrency so we decided to create a website specifically for the ability for CNR / CNS cryptocurrency holders to have a use-case for the token. Currently we are looking at several property locations in a few states, and all locations will be located in the USA at first.

Most likely, we will start with a tiny home/cabin type property located near Reno, Nevada, USA but this site may change at anytime with or without notice. You will clearly see on the front page the location and features along with the price when its available. Hopefully we will have a property to rent out by Jan 1, 2022. Keep checking this site for updates as we gain properties to rent out.